MONTEZUMA Leadership Network


3 Pillars: Leadership Montezuma, Continuing Education and Peer Networking

Leadership Development for Our Community… IN Our Community

The Montezuma Leadership Network (MLN), was created in 2022 as a result of community input and initiative. The vision of MLN is for Montezuma County to be rich in quality local leaders and leadership development.

Three programmatic “pillars” form the foundation of Montezuma Leadership Network:

  1. Leadership Montezuma;
  2. Enhancing and continuing leadership training and education;
  3. Peer leadership networking and resource database.

Growth for positive Change

The 3 Pillars of Montezuma Leadership Network are focused on growing effective leaders through training and networking.

Leadership Montezuma

  • Yearly cohorts
  • 9 month program
  • Alumni gatherings

Continuing Education

  • Topic-specific workshops
  • Board 101 Trainings
  • Resources

Peer Networking

  • Meet & Greets
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitator List/Register

Montezuma Leadership Network News

Training Opportunities, Networking Events, and More

We have the power to make a difference

Working together with our Community, Montezuma Leadership Network strives to provide tools and resources to help our leaders flourish.

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