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Join the Community Foundation serving Southwest Colorado for an empowering workshop designed to equip Southwest Colorado nonprofits with the tools and knowledge to thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape. The workshop is priced at $40 and will take place on Thursday, April 4 from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM at the Cortez Chamber Building.

In partnership with Knudsen Coaching & Consulting, the Community Foundation serving SW Colorado is hosting a professional development opportunity for SW Colorado nonprofits through a three-hour workshop tailored for any size organization. Resilience in Action: Empowering Southwest Colorado Nonprofits will delve into the critical aspects of building resilient organizations, covering topics such as organizational structure, succession planning, and leveraging the Let’s Do Good Well™ Mapping Tool as a resource for action planning and implementation.

Key Focus Areas:

1.     Organizational Structure: Attendees will explore effective organizational structures that promote adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges. They will gain insights into optimizing their organizational frameworks to better navigate changing landscapes and sustain long-term impacts.

2.     Succession Planning: Understanding the importance of succession planning is essential for the continuity of nonprofit operations. The workshop will provide practical strategies for identifying and nurturing future leaders within organizations, ensuring seamless transitions and sustained momentum.

3.     Let’s Do Good Well™ Mapping Tool: Attendees will be introduced to the Let’s Do Good Well™ Mapping Tool, a resource designed to facilitate strategic planning and decision-making processes. Through hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to leverage this tool to assess strengths, identify areas for improvement, and chart a course for organizational resilience.

This transformative workshop is ideal for:

  • Nonprofits of all Sizes: Whether you’re a small grassroots organization or a large established entity, this workshop is tailored to meet the needs of nonprofits at every stage of development.
  • Strategy Leaders: Board members, executives, and leadership teams will benefit from gaining deeper insights into building stronger organizations and fostering resilience.
  • Anyone Seeking to Strengthen Organizational Knowledge and Resources: From program managers to volunteers, anyone invested in the sustainability and success of nonprofit organizations will find value in this workshop.

Reasons to Attend:

  • You will learn actionable strategies and best practices for enhancing organizational resilience and sustainability.
  • You will engage in interactive discussions and hands-on activities to apply concepts directly to your organization.
  • You will benefit from the expertise of an industry professional backed by years of experience in nonprofit management and leadership development.

Let’s work together to build stronger, more resilient organizations that can continue to make a positive impact in our communities.

We are also happy to partner with the LOR Foundation, and we thank them for their support in providing scholarship funding for organizations in need.

Interested organizations can register at https://cfssc.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/list/event?event_date_id=1827

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