3 Pillars: Leadership Montezuma, Continuing Education and Peer Networking

Leadership, Continuing Education, and Networking Events

Executive Director Roundtable Series: The Challenges of Organizational Culture

Virtual Session via Zoom

Course Description: ED Roundtables are a peer networking and learning group that are confidential spaces to explore issues that affect life as an Executive Director. Each session will offer a brief self-care practice, then focus on a topic that creates a unique set of challenges for EDs . We will provide a chance to hear from

Strengthening Nonprofits – Organizational Structure & Culture

Virtual Session via Zoom

To all Colorado Executive Directors, Board Members and Senior Staff, Join Community Resource Center for our upcoming training on building a lasting structure and culture that establishes your nonprofit as an attractive, effective place to work in these turbulent times. Workplaces have changed tremendously in the past few years. Nonprofits are facing challenges in a tough hiring

Leadership Montezuma Application Deadline

2023-2024 Program Leadership Montezuma provides Inspirational and Educational Leadership development opportunities, as a Springboard to Individual Growth and Community Involvement. Leadership Montezuma stimulates and fosters diverse viewpoints, resulting in innovative answers to critical questions facing our community. The program strives to create awareness and to connect leaders with issues. The program begins late August/early September

We have the power to make a difference

Working together with our Community, Montezuma Leadership Network strives to provide tools and resources to help our leaders flourish.