Three Pillars


Leadership Montezuma, Continuing Education and Peer Networking

Developing Community Leaders​

Montezuma Leadership Network has 3 Pillars with specific goals and objectives:

  1. the resurrection of Leadership Montezuma;
  2. ongoing leadership and workforce education and training; and
  3. a formal networking outreach to connect community leaders with resources and opportunities.

Leadership Hub

Montezuma Leadership Network aims to be the “hub” of leadership networking and training opportunities for our community. MLN is partnering with local government, education, business, and nonprofit organizations to revitalize and enrich inclusive leadership opportunities for the entire community.

Leadership Montezuma

This two-year program is designed to expand citizen’s understanding of community resources, organizations and systems, as well as to promote engaged and informed community leaders.

Continuing Education

Continuing education can help you in your career, help you change careers, and aid in your personal development. MLN has a variety of opportunities for you to expand your knowledge to lead in the workforce.

Peer Networking

Community change can happen when people and organizations in the community get involved. Through networking with others in our community, we can help foster change  together.

Change in Our Community

Our Vision:

Montezuma County will be a community rich in thriving local leaders and leadership development opportunities.