Peer Networking


Leadership Training Focused on Montezuma County

Peer Networking

Strong communities work together to enhance the quality of life for their residents. It all starts with the people, and a dedicated networking group to bring them all together.

The Montezuma Leadership Network envisions providing local and regional networking opportunities which will provide a variety of pathways to leadership for the residents of Montezuma County.

  • MLN will host quarterly events to connect individuals, community groups, and organizations in a fun and safe atmosphere
  • Events are designed to increase awareness and visibility of community involvement opportunities

The MLN Peer Networking group strives to make it easier for members of Montezuma County to build lasting relationships, both personal and professional. Montezuma County has a lot of untapped potential, and we hope to bring that potential to fruition by creating a strategic entity that will truly serve the residents of our county.

Check Our Event Calendar for Upcoming Networking Opportunities

What are Peer Networks?

Peer networks help people with common goals exchange information, solve problems, and build unified leadership for change. Peers might be local residents, nonprofit employees, community service workers – anyone that wants to work together to make their community a better place in which to live and work.

Networking Benefits

  • Get a fresh perspective
  • Share your expertise
  • Build relationships
  • Share challenges and successes
  • Receive valuable feedback 
  • Supercharge your energy!
  • Gain new ideas and insights
  • Find Opportunities